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Product Brochures

Krautkramer (GEIT)

Thickness Gauges : 

DM5E Series  - General purpose thickness gauge. Applications include - Wall Thickness Testing, Corrosion Monitoring,

DMS Go  -    General purpose thickness gauge. Applications include - Wall Thickness Testing, Corrosion Monitoring, 

CL5 - Compact precision thickness gauge. Applications include -  Precision Wall Thickness Testing.

PocketMIKE - StressTel pocket thickness gauge. Applications include - Wall Thickness Testing, Corrosion Monitoring,

BoltMike III - StressTel bolt stress measurement instrument. Applications include - Stress Testing of Bolts

Flaw Detectors :

USM Go Series - Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector.

USM35X  Series - Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors.

USM32X Series - Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors.

USN60 Series - Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors. Applications include - Bore Oxide Thickness Testing

USLT2000 - Notebook Flaw Detector.

Probes :

Probe Catalog EU - European Probe Catalog.

Probe Catalog US - American Probe Catalog.

Hardness Testers :

MIC10 - Portable Hardness Tester.

MIC20 - Portable Hardness Tester with UCI and Impact.

DynaMIC - Portable Impact Hardness Tester.

DynaPOCKET - Portable Impact Hardness Tester.

TIV - Portable Optical Hardness Tester using Vickers Method.

Software :

UltraMATE - Wall Thickness Documentation Program.

UltraDOC - Documentation for Flaw Detectors.

UltraHARD - Documentation for Hardness Testing.

UltraDAT - Hardness Management for TIV and MIC20.

Systems :

VIS  Computer Based Multi Channel System.

USIP40 - Multi Channel Ultrasonic System.

Phased Array :

Phasor XS : - Portable Ultrasonic Phased Array System.


Hocking (GEIT)

AS3000 - Hand Held Electrical Conductivity Meter.

Minidrive - Lightweight Rotating Probe Drive.

Phasec 3 - Single Frequency Eddy Current Instrument.

Phasec 3d - Dual Freq Eddy Current Inst with Rotating Probe Capability.

Wheelscan 5 - Automatic Wheel Inspection System.



Smart Portables - Portable Constant Potential X-Ray Units.

MU2000 - General Purpose Inspection System.

XRS - Industrial Grade Image Intensifier Systems.



Surfix Easy - Compact Coating Thickness Gauge.

Pocket Surfix - Compact Coating Thickness Gauge.

Surfix - Portable Coating Thickness Gauge.

Surfix Pro - Professional Coating Thickness Gauge.



MFL2000 - High Speed Magnetic Flux Leakage Scanner.

Floormap VS - Magnetic Flux Leakage Scanner with Improved Defect Detectability.

Scorpion - Remote Access Crawler.

Scanmap - C-Scan Capability for Scorpion.

Vacbox - Weld Inspection Vacuum Box.

Digiscan - Mobile B-Scan System.

Pipescan - Portable Corrosion Detection.


AE Consulting

AED 2000 - Hand Held Pest and Leak Detection System.



HD-CR35 NDT - Image Plate Scanner

XR24 NDT - Automatic Developer Unit



 IntrosData Logging Steel Wire Rope Testers







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